Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 13-16

1. Shortly after Jim and Huck found their raft, how did Huck show sympathy for the rascals on the Walter Scott?
He found a ferryman and told him that his family was stranded on the boat Walter Scott, so the ferryman would take his ferry and go rescue them.

2. Hearing Jim's view of King Soloman and the way Frenchmen speak convinced Huck of what?
You can't teach a black person to argue.

3. What were the effects of Jim realizing Huck pulled a prank and a lie on Jim?
Jim becomes really angry at Huck and Huck apologizes for lying to him.

4. What realization began to give Huck so much anxiety that he wished he were dead?
He was helping Jim escape

5. What were Jim's freedom hopes?
Going to the free states and earning money to free his wife and children.

6. What made Huck hotter than ever?

7. When a skiff carrying two men in it with guns approached Huck's canoe, what was revealed about Huck's resolve to turn Jim in?
he wanted to turn him in but Jim said huck was his best friend. which made Huck have a soft heart. He thought he would have felt the same even if he did turn him in.

8. What led Huck to the new moral stance that he would "do whichever come handiest at the time"?
Huck realized that doing the 'moral' thing isn't always right. Huck would rather have Jim and some extra money than have those two guys take Jim away from him.

9. After discovering their canoe gone, what would "fetch more bad luck"?
The snakeskin from Jackson's Island.

10. What smashed through the raft?
A steamboat that was going by.